Exhibition Ticket Channel Opens | The Enduring Present: Stephen Shore’s Retrospe

Oct, 28.2023

 “If you miss the photography festival for this year, 

you will miss Shore for your lifetime, a Shores fan said

2023 Lishui Photography Festival is around the corner now

The appearance of the world-renowned photographer Stephen Shore in Lishui is the focus and highlight of the festival, especially his personal exhibition, which can be regarded as the most complete tribute journey to Shores artistic life.

The ticket channel has been open now.

Here are exhibition time and ways to buy the tickets our editors collected for you.  


Stephen Shore was born in New York in 1947 and a representative pioneer of "new color photography" in the United States in the 1970s. Known as the "Master in new color photography", he is a true genius in photography history, and enjoys a wide reputation and important influence in photography society. It’s Shore’s first visit to China and his first major exhibition in China.

Shore’s 335 works from his four series namely: 

“American Surfaces” “Uncommon Places” “Elements” “ Topographies”

 will be displayed for the first time in Lishui! 

The Enduring Present: 

Stephen Shores Retrospective Exhibition

Ticket channel

Time: November 7th- -the end of December

Address: Exhibition Hall A, No.2, Lishui Art Museum (No.561, Renmin Road, Liandu District, Lishui City)

How to purchase: Please scan the QR code below Or click "This Link


Price: 80 RMB



Kind Reminder:

2023 Lishui Photography Festival will be the peak season for visitors to appreciate Stephen Shore's personal exhibition works. To avoid the over-crowded possibilities in exhibition halls, the organizing committee sincerely hope the local residents in Lishui be good hosts during the photography festival and give the first chances to visit the exhibition to outside visitors.