《 Linear Construction》Barry Underwood

《Surface Tensions》Peter Bogaczewicz(Saudi Arabia

《Construction Sites 》 Peter Essick(United States

《 Iceland Wintertide》David Freese(United States)

《Second Nature》Thomas Georg Blank(Germany/United States) + Isik Kaya(Turkey/United States)

《Falling Boundaries 》 David Ellingsen(Canada)

《 Sun in My Mouth》 Deb Achak(United States)

《The Persistence of Family》 Diana Cheren Nygen(United States

《Foreseeable Cache》Debe Arlook(United States)

《2900 Miles and Other Jumping Cholla》Serge J-F Levy(United States

《Counting Shadows Blackens My Fingertips》 Goseong Choi(South Korea)

《Black Waves》 Miranda Schmitz(Belgium)

《Prairiefire》Sara Silks(United States

《Musuhi》(Noriko Takasugi(Japan)

《The Future Is Broken》Stefan Petranek(United States

《The World is Astonishing with You in it: A 21st Century Field Guide to the Birds, Ferns and Wildflowers》Amanda Marchand(Canada/United States)

《Small Animal 》 Amanda Tinker(United States)

阿德里安·休斯(美国)Adriene Hughes(United States

《Pseudo Night》Meg Roussos(United States)

《Bare Handed》 Holly Lynton(United States)