2021 Lishui Photography Festival

Call for Entries for 2021 Lishui Photography Festival Exhibits 

Lishui Photography Festival, which has been held for ten consecutive sessions since the year of 2004, is an international photography celebration co-hosted by Lishui Municipal People's Government and China Photographers Association (CPA).

The Fourth International Photography Symposium and the 2021 Lishui Photography Festival will be held in Lishui, a city in the southwest of Zhejiang Province, China on November 5th to 9th, 2021. This festival aims to reflect the new concepts, patterns, and results brought by the global photography as it enters a new development stage. Also, it strives to present a splendid feast of light and images to people both at home and abroad, as well as serve as an innovative platform for diversified exchanges and industrial empowerment.


Integrate City Life into Nature


Curators, photographers, institutions, academies and groups both at home and abroad may apply for exhibition.

How to Apply 

Please log in to the official website of the 2021 Lishui Photography Festival ( to complete the user registration. Then click on the navigation bar “The Fourth International Photography Symposium and the 2021 Lishui Photography Festival” on the top of homepage; or click on the “Brand Project - Lishui Photography Festival”. Once you’re in, click the “Submission” button in the upper right and then follow the prompt to upload your work、 application form and enter relevant information. 


Guidelines for Submission 

1. No registration fee or site fee will be charged.

2. Under the theme of "Integrate City Life into Nature", the photography works will be expected to give a glimpse of the development of human civilization and social history and reflect people’s common wish to seek for a better and harmonious life with nature. Moreover, the works shall display diverse art concept and ever-changing photographic techniques and medium.

3. Applicants shall ensure that their works do not infringe upon the legitimate rights and interests of others, including copyright, portraiture rights, reputation rights and privacy rights. Applicants shall take full responsibility for everything that comes with their work and submissions.

4. Applicants are required to download the application form via the link in the web-based call for entries before uploading the work. The completed application form should be transferred to JPG format or to be taken photos of. The image-format application form and photography works should be submitted together. Pls download the attached file

5. There is no limitation on the time and quantity of the works. And the debut of exhibits with innovation and diversified forms is greatly welcomed.


Time Limit 

From the date of publication of the call for entries to September 20, 2021.



1. Generous art support fund for all exhibitors will be provided in this festival, including various categories of funds for curators, photographers, university students, and book projects, and awarding honorary certificates.

2. The FORMAT/Lishui Award remains in this festival. And the honorary authors will be invited to participate in the 2023 FORMAT International Photography Festival (UK) and related activities.

3. All exhibits will be displayed both online and offline and widely disseminated on multiple platforms at home and abroad.

4. The exhibited works will be selected by the organizer for news reports and recommendation through the official platform and cooperative media.

5. Each exhibitor will be issued with one exhibition certificate.


1. After finalization of call for entries, experts will be organized to conduct review of all the works submitted, and finally determine the works to be exhibited. By October 15, 2021, the selected authors (institutions) will be notified over the telephone about the number of exhibited works, production requirements, booth allocation, while the unselected ones will receive text messages.

2. All independent applicants shall bear the costs of decoration, transportation, exhibition and withdrawal of the works. The exhibition and withdrawal shall be implemented in accordance with the requirements of the organizer. Otherwise, the organizer retains the right to deduct the deposit before entering the exhibition.

3. The organizer reserves the right to use the exhibits as official publicity and release for the festival, including but not limited to network information transmission, the release of cooperative media, printing and publishing and video production, etc.

4. Applicants are considered to have spontaneously agreed all the contents of this call for entries.

5. The organizer reserves the right of final explanation. 

Contact Us 

Address of Organization Committee: 

Photography Museum of Lishui, 

No. 583 Kuocang Road, Lishui City, 323000, China 

T+ 0578-2117793 2112913 

F+ 0578-2113393 



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