Results of Awards of 2019 Lishui Photography Festival

Mar, 20.2019


Results of Awards of 2019 Lishui Photography Festival


Best Work Award

Feng Hanji: China, My China

Regine Petersen:  Find A Falling Star


Excellent Curator Award

Deng Yan: New Media after the Goal of Science and Technology is Blurred

Fu Yongjun: Exhibition of “Seven Ancient Alleys” Artist-in-Residence Program

Jiang Wei: A New Start from Lishui

Lahei, Cui Lihua, Xie Yutian: Almase?

Ning Zhouhao: Youth Endures--Shandong Youth Photography Group Exhibition

Shi Teng: Searching

Yan Changjiang: Diverse Appearances--The Exhibition Works by Photographers of Lishui

Silvia Li: Beauty in Your Eyes

Zhang Shuangshuang, Cai Yuanqing: “Daily--Wild Time” Joint Exhibition of Chinese and Foreign Young Photographers

Fan Shunzan: “Further Scenery” Vista Photography Exhibition of Students’ Works


Excellent Photographer Award

Charlie Engman: Mom

Liu Feng: Modern Countryside

Nicolas Henry: World in the Making’s

Vanja Bucan: Sequences of Truth and Deception

Liu Heng: Time Based Photography

Max Pinckers: Margins of excess

Zhao Xiaochun: Yiwu Live Village

Ellie Young: Works of Classical Photography

Wu Dengcai: Ancestral Hall

Shu Qiaomin: The Stage in Rural Area



Most Potential Photographer Award

Meng Yucun: Fake Scenery

Wang Hanlin: Search for Love


Excellent Work Award

Sleight of hand

Codes of Earth Today

DIALOGUE--International Handmade Print Exhibition

Astonishment and Extension

The Third Exhibition on “Teaching and Learning” for “10+” Universities Nationwide

Unlimited Documentary of Shanxi Region

The Grey Room

After the Ebb

2019 Songyang Photography Biennale



Excellent Photobook Award

Baishan: Monologue

Bi Jinhui: Medicine

Mei Peng: Scar


“New College, New Image” Best Work Award

Zhou Yiyun: Wondering Lights


“New College, New Image” Excellent Work Award

Zhang Xifang: Constructivism

Zhao Baijun: The Forgotten Guardian God

Tian Lanqi: Blindness in the Dark

Lei Zhiyun: Does home give you a sense of security?

Ling Siyu, Chen Zhendong, Wang Hao: Siskin


“New College, New Image” Excellent Organization Award

College of Fine Arts, Tsinghua University

Tianjin Academy of Fine Arts

Xi’an University of Technology

Dalian Medical University

Lishui University


1st Lishui/FORMAT Award 2019

Zou Jingyao: Snap at Internet Famous Sites


Judges at 2019 Lishui Photography Festival

Louise Fedotov-Clements: Artistic Director of FORMAT International Photography Festival
Jin Yongquan: Chief editor of Popular Photography

Mao Weidong: Translator of Photography Theory

Shen Yubin: Special-Term Professor of Fudan University, Director of Art Philosophy Research Center of School of Philosophy, Fudan University

Sun Feng: Project Director and Associate Researcher of Exhibition Department of China Arts & Entertainment Group

Yan Zhigang: Member of Image Industry Committee of China Photographers Association, famous photographer

Wang Baoguo: Image Culture Scholar, senior picture editor, researcher of Photography Institution of China Art Research Institute

Zhang Haitao: Curator, art critic, chief editor of www.artda.cn

Zhao Qing: Director of Exhibition Department, Photography Art Center of China Federation of Literary and Art Circles, famous photographer