Lishui Photography Festival

      The International Photography Symposium is an academic event on international photography exchanges co-organized by China Photographers Association (CPA) and Lishui Municipal People's Government. It aims to further promote the theoretical integration and exchanges between Chinese and international photography through providing a shared platform for the global photography community. Numerous internationally renowned photographers, theorists, and heads of world’s leading professional institutions were invited to the previous symposiums. The Symposium thus offered the global photography community a platform for multicultural exchanges and results sharing, and further boosted the theoretical integration and exchanges between Chinese and international photography. The International Photography Symposium has been held for three consecutive sessions since 2015, appealing to experts and representatives from more than 30 countries worldwide with a wealth of academic results accumulated.

     Combined with technological advances and reforms in photography in the digital era, the Fourth International Photography Symposium is going to focus on the topic of “Green development for a better life”. Both domestic and international guests from China, Canada, Colombia, Iran, South Africa, and the UK will be invited to the Symposium offline, while experts from the USA, Australia, Germany, Greece, India, Italy, South Korea, Pakistan,Singapore, and Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan regions of China will be present in an online manner.

     Lishui Photography Festival is an international photography celebration co-hosted by Lishui Municipal People's Government and China Photographers Association (CPA). As China’s only photographic celebration named as “photography festival” by the State Council, it has been held for ten consecutive sessions since the year of 2004. The goal of the festival is “to create a well-known city of photography, to expand international exchanges, and to show the charm of Lishui”. Through the launch of photography-related activities including exhibitions, academic exchanges, competitions, artist-in-residence programs, and local cultural collection, each session attracted tens of thousands of photography professionals as well as amateurs from home and abroad. Hailed by the media as “a photography festival that ushers in a new era of curators”, Lishui Photography Festival has been selected as the best photography festival of the year in China multiple times. Now it has become one of China’s most influential photography festivals and is increasingly renowned worldwide.

      2021 Lishui Photography Festival will be held in Lishui, a city in the southwest of Zhejiang Province, China in November 2021. The theme of this year’s festival is “Integrate City Life into Nature”, which reflects the new concepts, patterns, and results brought by the global photography as it enters a new development stage, and shows the glorious history and great achievements made by Communist Party of China (CPC) over the past century. Also, it strives to present a splendid feast of light and images to people both at home and overseas, as well as serve as an innovative platform for diversified exchanges and industrial empowerment.