2019 Lishui Photography Festival

 Call for entries 

The year of 2019 greets the 180th anniversary of the invention of photography, and the 15th anniversary of the Lishui Photography Festival. Under the theme of “Embarking a New Journey”, the 2019’ event is inviting photographers across the world to Lishui for another visit, and a new journey for your artistic pursuit.

The exhibition encourages retrospect into history with the old techniques developed in the past 180 years, to demonstrate individual’s destiny, development in people’s awareness and photography itself in the tremendously changing epoch. With photography, you may depict the social development and reform, the people’s appeal and the footprint of our time. Also, the exhibition encourages the application of new technology, new media and new material, by thinking and expressing in the new mind space and contemporary context shaped by the approaching 5G era.

1. Curators, photographers, art institutions, academies and art groups both at home and abroad may apply for exhibition.

2. The works applied for exhibition must be the works to be exhibited.

3. Application forms are provided in different categories, for photographers, curators and art institutions respectively. All information in the form shall be filled in accurately and completement. Art academies and groups shall download the Application Form for Art Institutions.

4. Deadline for entries: Sept. 25th, 2019. Installation time: Nov 1st—7th, 2019. Exhibition time: Nov. 8th—12th, 2019 (Part of exhibition lasts only 1 month).

5.  Photographs should be saved as JPGs, sized a minimum of 800 pixels on the longest side but up to 1024 pixels is even better.


 How to apply 

Application form can be downloaded from the “Join in” column on the home page of the official website of the 2019’ Photography Festival: The completed application form with all relevant information must be sent to: before the designated deadline. Together with the application form, please send the electronic documents of your exhibits in package. No registration fee or site fee will be charged.


Suggested file naming conventions:

1. Photographer: Country + Region + Exhibition Name + Artist’s Name + Contact Information

2. Curator: Country + Region + Exhibition Name + Curator’s Name + Contact Information

3. Art Institution: Country + Region + Institution’s Name + Contact Person + Contact Information



1. Applicants shall independently produce and install the exhibits.

2. Applicants shall keep the Organizing Committee informed of possible absence for any special reasons after registration.


 Contact us 

Photography Museum of Lishui, China

No. 583 Kuocang Road, Lishui City

T+ 0578-2113393 2112913

F+ 0578-2113393



 Exhibition sites 

丽水美术馆 Lishui Art Museum

丽水市博物馆 Lishui Municiple Museum

丽水摄影博物馆 Photography Museum of Lishui

万象摄影坊 Wanxiang Photography Base

处州府城 ChuZhouFu

七条小巷 Ancient Alley

大学生创业园 College Student Pioneer Park

叁拾伍艺舍 HOTEL 35


“New College, New Image” Global College Students’ Photography Exhibition

In order to inspire the photography creation of global college students, encourage and find college photography talents, and provide a platform for them to show themselves, 2019 Lishui Photography Festival is calling for photography works from global college students under the theme of "New College, New Image". The details are as follows:

Requirements for Participants

1. Junior college, undergraduate and graduate students (including those who have just graduated in 2019) at home and abroad

2. Students studying at equivalent educational level

3. No limitation on major and age

4. The above rules also apply to college groups.

Guidelines for Submission

1. The Application Form of 2019 Lishui Photography Festival “New College, New Image” Global College Students’ Photography Exhibition can be downloaded from the “Submissions” column on the page of the official website of 2019 Lishui Photography Festival: The completed application form and photography works should be compressed into one compact package and submitted together.

2. There is no limitation on subject, expression techniques, and presenting mode.

3. Photography works submitted for exhibition are required to be special subject or group photos; single works are rejected. Static photographs should be saved in jpg format no smaller than 3MB. Video works are unlimited in length, but should be saved in mp4, mov, rmvb or other common formats no larger than 1GB.

4. The organizer will conduct content and artistic review of all the works submitted, and finally determine the works to be exhibited. The organizer will inform the exhibitors (or group contacts) by phone before October 20 about the exhibition site and the length of the exhibition line. The number of works to be exhibited is determined by the exhibitors according to the length of the exhibition line. Unless selected, no further notice will be given.

5. All the works submitted must be consistent with the exhibition works. If you are unable to participate in the exhibition due to special reasons, please inform the organization committee in time. All selected photographers or groups shall, upon receipt of the organizer's information on the exhibition site, complete the production of the works and arrange the exhibition according to the time requirements. Exhibitors of video works should provide video players by themselves.

6. Email for submission:

Deadline: September 25, 2019

Time for Arrangement of Exhibition: November 1-7, 2019

Time of Exhibition: November 8-12, 2019

Place of Exhibition: Liandu District, Lishui City, Zhejiang Province, China

Contact: Mr. Zhang; Tel: 0578-2112913, 15925718277

7. No registration fee or site fee will be charged.


This year’s Lishui Photography Festival will provide "New College, New Image" Creation Support Funds for college students, and relevant honors will be awarded at the Photography Festival Closing Party. The honors to be set are as follows:

1. One Special Collection Exhibition of "New College, New Image" with creation support fund of 10,000 RMB;

2. Five Excellent Exhibitions of "New College, New Image" with creation support fund of 5,000 RMB for each;

3. Five honors of "New College, New Image" Excellent Organization with honorary certificate.

Application Form of Lishui Photography Festival(Arts Group).doc

Application Form of Lishui Photography Festival(Curator).doc

Application Form of Lishui Photography Festival(Personal).doc

Application Form of 2019 Lishui Photography Festival ....doc