Lishui Photography Festival

Lishui is situated in Southwestern Zhejiang Province and adjacent to the west coast of the Pacific. Having a total area of 17,300 square kilometers and a population of 2.57 million, Lishui is a national ecological demonstration zone with fantastic natural scenery. In 1999, Lishui was named as the first “Chinese Town of Photography” by Chinese Photographers Association.

Lishui Photography Festival has been successfully held for 7 consecutive times since the year of 2004. The goal of the festival is “to create a well-known city of photography, to expand international exchange, to show the charm of Lishui and to promote the development of tourism”. Through a series of activities like hosting photographic competitions, exhibitions, forums, experts meetings and photography fair, each photography festival has attracted about ten thousand photographers both from home and abroad to the city to participate in the exhibition, communicate with fellow photographers and produce original works, which has set many records among domestic photography festivals and has been thus hailed as a powerful and qualified one. Now it has become the most influential photography festival throughout China and one of the most important in the world.

In 2004, the first 5-day Lishui Photography Festival introduced its brand to the world.

In 2005, Lishui Photography Festival launched more than 40 photographic exhibitions in which over 4,000 pictures were presented. The success of this photography festival has further expanded the brand influence.

In 2007, Lishui Photography Festival launched over 100 exhibitions which attracted more than 6,000 pieces of photographic work by photographers from 38 countries and regions. During this festival, the first photography museum in China –Photography Museum of Lishui opened, representing that Lishui’s photography festival was developing in a more professional and mature direction.

In 2009, Lishui Photography Festival had successfully transformed from previous salon style to academic style. An academic committee was set up and a contest of “Ten Best Curators” was held in this festival. What’s more, 22 executives from internationally renowned photography festivals and institutions, including Atlanta Photography Festival in the US, Italy Photography Festival, Brazil Photography Festival and Britain Photography Festival, and over 170 foreign photographers from 34 countries and regions attended the festival. The holding of this festival, at one stroke, has made Lishui Photography Festival one of the most influential festivals of its kind in China.

The 2011 Lishui Photography Festival held in Lishui in November, 2011. Then a great variety of activities will be organized, including Exhibition by International Photography Museum Union, Photographic Exhibition by Internationally Renowned Institutes, Internationally Renowned Photographers Invitation Exhibition, Exhibitions of Collection of Works by Distinguished Curators, Experts Meeting, Photography High-end Forum and so on. Meanwhile, activities concerning Lishui’s unique folk culture will be launched. We sincerely welcome all friends both from home and abroad to Lishui!

2013 Lishui Photography Festival held in Lishui in November, 2013. People from Photography Museums, Art Museums and Galleries from all over the world and more than 100 guests, photographers from more than 30 countries abroad and 31 provinces home came to Lishui to enjoy the festival. This festival displayed more 200 exhibitions, all the displayed works were first showed in the world. 

There were 339 exhibitions in 2015 Lishui Photography Festival, involved in more than 50 countries. Many famous artists from home and abroad have shown their appearances at this festival, including the world-known master, Sebastiao Salgado. The first International Photography Seminar and a series of theme activities have been held successfully in 2015.

The 2017 Lishui Photography Festival will be held in Lishui on November 15th to 19th, 2017. With the theme of this year “the Image of the Era of Hypermedia”, there will be various ways of exhibition in 2017, including traditional paper images, dynamic videos, VR situations, and behavior arts, exhibited in 15 exhibition sites. 2017 Lishui Photography Festival will be the most influential in the history, with One Theme, Ten Masters, One Hundred Academic Exhibitions, One Thousand Average Exhibitions, Ten Thousand Photographers and Photography Lovers Participating the 2017 Photography Festival.